September and Advertising Networks

So the news

The Headline Google fuk the Advertising Networks so Advertising Networks fuk the Developers and yes we will fu*k our users :wink:

  • New Admob with no paypal and no one know how to use it :cool:
  • Appwiz Traffic Quality they need US Traffic so they kick any one under 20% US Traffic plus no PPD :cool:
  • Startapp 1.2$ / 1000 downloads non U.S (0.0012$ / download) but wait they will give you bonus 0.0000000fu*k :cool:
  • Airpush are any one use them !
  • AppFlood proudly presented itself as a comission-free network. Now they take a comission. :o
    I know that this is not a news for any one , but I did need to write this topic :frowning:

It’s funny because it’s true! You did make me laugh haha :wink:

Hopefully in a few months things will be a bit better!

True as a fu*k

I’ll add to that:

  • AppFlood proudly presented itself as a comission-free network. Now they take a comission.

It’s a funny month. :slight_smile:

Blunt, but very true. It’s a dog-eat-dog business.

and i did :wink:


ANYWAY, i just know aboud Admob not taking paypal. seriously?! O___O
4 of my apps used it, OMG, i think i should changet it tonight

These networks should also then tell us what kind of apps do people in U.S. want and probably set up a team for helping developers to code apps for US market only. WTF.

Google’s “Do no Evil” update made many companies turn evil :slight_smile:

it is simple you just lose developers now and you will pay more to get them back
we know that your sdk the old and the new are so Annoying our users but you was pay my 500 $ / month now it is 100 $ / month
i do not need to add your sdk and lose users for 100 $ /month
it is that simple :slight_smile:

The real problem is acquisition of MoPub by Twitter, MoPub just do not have alternative at least not a worthy one and now developers depend on Twitter’s management or better to say their greed. Other than that, it was expected that icon/push ads will be banned at some point and a funny fact is how some ad firms do not expect that like Airpush for example.