SendDroid's sign up bonus? Good experiences? Is there only 1 AM for that network!?

I recently integrated with SendDroid and though their sign up bonus looks good on paper I feel like there may be alot of conditions or restrictions. So I won’t get a bonus until I get 50k impressions? Any personal experience with their bonuses? Please share … Pros and cons.

Also is Chandler the only freaking account manager for their network? I can’t seem to get a hold of anyone thru leaving support tickets or emailing chandler. I also can’t find their 24/7 live chat they claim they have.

Hello Devo1985,

Hope everything is good at your end.

The condition/restrictions of the Bonus: The only condition is we get 25K Impressions and/or you earn $50 in revenue with us. As you can probably understand, this is necessary because we want to get new Developers AND keep them. If we don’t have this condition, there is no stopping a Developer from signing up and then taking the bonus before running away. You’ll find that we’re not an overnight Network and we have offered this deal before - And paid developers the bonuses too.

We’re not asking for conditions that require exclusivity or anything of that sort which may only result in inconvenience for Developers.

AM Chandler Chandler has been on SendDroid from the very beginning. At the start, we had 8 employees. We currently have over 80 employees with different roles and responsibilities. As far as Chandler being the only AM goes; We have quite a few Account Managers and Developers are assigned tot each in a properly structured way. Chandler, however, is the most well known Account Manager though.

Support We don’t have a Live Chat option on our Portal. We may introduce it on our next release. To get support, you have to contact your AM. The details of your AM are listed in your profile.

As far as your unanswered emails are concerned, please PM me your email address and/or Pub ID so we can see what the problem is.

Hope to get this resolved soon.


Hello Devo1985,

Can you please share the sign up bonus page url ?
I tried to find it in their site with no sucsses.

Hello aviv

Hope you’re well.

To get the bonus, you must contact [email protected] if you have not received the email offering it.

Thank you

25k impressions daily? or just until you hit that 25k threshold? I believe on your website it said 50k impressions daily. I’ve emailed Chandler and pinged him as it says he is my assigned AM but haven’t gotten a response yet…

What is your conditions for weekly pay? What is the threshold?


Strange!! 80 Employees and less than 5 on Linkedin?
No About US page with Executives listed?

That is not a pattern of any respectable software company in this times.

Update (For Comparison) :
Airpush: 143 Employees on Linkedin.
LeadBolt: 43 Employees on Linkedin.

Hello devo1985,

You have to hit 25K Impressions ONCE to be eligible for the bonus.

The amount of bonus depends on your daily volume.

I’d request you again to PM me your email address or Pub ID number so I can investigate your email issue.


Stop embarrassing yourself.


I asked a Legitimate question. SendDroid representative said they have “Over” 80 Employees. So why are they not on LinkedIn (While other ad companies clearly does). In my opinion its impossible that a software company has Over 80 employees and less than 5 of them exist on Linkedin. Also for an 80 employee company isn’t it odd that they don’t even have an executive page?

Obviously I think something is not adding up and I am asking why such an anomaly exist.

Obviously you guys are working indirectly for these networks for their referral fees. Someone has to ask Real Questions. I am that Guy.

You’re constantly just trying to create drama dude. I don’t think any of us care how many Ad Network employees are on LinkedIn. Why do you even care anyway? You’re obviously never going to touch any ad network that offers out-of-app ads.

I Believe Push Networks and Developers who use Push ads have low Ethics. Sure I care everything that happens to Android as a Developer,User and Community Member.
You may be here to make quick money by spamming people but I am here since beginning and invested in long term health of community.

Obviously something is odd with Senddroid Claiming Over 80 employees. Why don’t we let SendDroid Representative explain why there is a anomaly here?

I am also here for the long term.

I’m not saying SendDroid shouldn’t answer that question, I’m just saying I honestly don’t need to see a bunch of profiles of employees of an ad network I use. I’m sure many other developers feel the same.

It’s business. That’s what this forum is primarily here for.

Business depends on trust. What ad networks developers use depends on trust worthiness. Using a Wrong ad network can result in a developer account getting banned and losing their life times work.

I have of issues with SendDroid Ethics:

  1. Claiming “Over” 80 Employees while less than 4 appears on Linked and without an Executive Page (Unlike other comparable Adnetworks as I provided Data earlier in the thread).

  2. Spreading FUD about other networks and promoting their own ad network
    A) Old Adsense account + new Admob account = BANNED - Advertising Networks - Making Money with Android (Scaring people about being dependent on Admob which to my understanding is the safest ad network due to its non intrusive ads compared to push ads).
    B) Scaring developers in the past when new Google Terms came into effect.
    Are people getting banned? - Advertising Networks - Making Money with Android

  3. Built adnetwork by spamming developers. Remembers tons of emails chandler sent every week?

As a concerned Developer, User and Community Member I am definitely concerned that a Android Ad Network is involved in such shady practices.

Oddly, I am LESS concerned about Sendroid than I am about Admob.

This is because I use Admob and not Sendroid (yet).

So I am concerned about the developer-facing face of Admob.

There are many ad networks advertising here - and developers soon find out how good a networks is - or as I do, I wait to see if an ad network is someone who will still be around to pay revenue to developers - otherwise it is not worth it to invest the time to integrate their SDK etc.

I use Admob, and I AM concerned about it’s unresponsiveness to developers - and it’s obtuse policies - which are one-sided.

I think that is a bigger scandal than all the shenanigans of all the ad networks that I DO NOT USE.

For this reason, while criticism of ad networks maybe ok, and their practices - I find this “let’s not talk or criticize admob” to be suspect.

In fact when admob is absent from this forum - and some ad networks ARE present here is to the credit of those ad networks, and is a negative for Google/Admob. Their absence leaves a vacuum that is filled by rumor and (perhaps) incorrect criticism.

If Google/Admob is not going to bother to talk to developers (not even having an e-mail face facing developers) - then what are developers to think ?

If Sendroid is telegraphing some bad stuff about admob in bad faith - then perhaps Admob/Google needs to step in and comment on this forum as well (have an employee spend a few hours here).

Google/Admob has the resources to defend themselves.

If anyone is underfunded - it is us developers.

If you are a representative of Admob, perhaps you can push Google to have a more formal representative here - though I suspect if one DID appear it would rapidly have a cooling down effect on some of the more colorful discussion here (for example about creating extra Google IDs etc.) - we may even see the spectacle of Google pressurizing David to shut down the forum or an “or else” on his apps.

Since Google NEVER has to explain any action they do - what are the natural limits to unreasonable power here ?

I fail to see your extreme rosy view of “all is good” at Google/Admob.

Google Doesn’t Lie about Employees to me.
Google Didn’t Spam me to get my account without ever getting consent from me.

This Thread is about SendDroid (If you have issues with admob or google there are threads for that). There seems to be anomaly in the information provided by senddroid representative and what information is publicly available.

Hope Senddroid Representative will explain Why there is an anomaly in their claims and the data and if they are really “over” 80 employee company.

Ok, I concede this is a Sendroid thread, and perhaps I should not be bringing Google/Admob into the picture, but I have come to associate billyh vs. Sendroid discussions as actually being about billyh-Google/Admob-Sendroid - since in an earlier thread you suggested (or perhaps it was this one) - that Sendroid was seeding developer’s minds with innuendo against Google/Admob. When all I could see in that thread was Sendroid suggesting to the original complainer that they look into the matter or that Google should respond.

Somehow you took that to mean that there was a general smear campaign under way against Google/Admob.

Given the general sense in the developer community about the complete absence of a developer-facing face of Google, I found your quick-to-defend Google response as highly unlike the typical developer response (since a majority of developer DO use Admob and have personally found Admob to be absent in the developer facing sense). Admob is very much a mainstay for developers - but for exactly that reason they are also left feeling dependent on an ally whose temperament they cannot fathom - thus creating an inordinate “risk” sense (so you have developers NEEDLESSLY wanting to setup alternate plans for mediation “in case” Google/Admob ditches them).

I have took your enthusiasm for Google/Admob to be either the side-effect of an:

  • an early fanboy nature borne out of naivete (as in “it hasn’t happened to me - everybody else must be dumb”)
  • your association with Google renders more aware (than most of us here are) about what Google actually is intending

Not wanting to pigeonhole you as a fanboy, I have presumed your enthusiasm for Google emanated from a greater understanding of Google (or from perhaps a loyalty borne out of previous association with Google) - which has rendered your perception less in line with those of “typical” developers and more in line with what would be expected of a former employee (who may see Google as being transparent and prompt in their response to developers).

I may have presumed too much there.

Yes You did.
My Interest is Android and not Google (You would know that if you check my history).

I am guessing we will not hear back from SendDroid Representative on this thread.

Hello billyh,

We are working with a large number of Developers. Many Developers who may or may not be from this Forum have met our representatives at conventions.

I’m going to say this here again. Discussions with you really get nowhere because of the very dismissive nature that your comments possess. We are fine with you not working with us. We are also fine with Developers who like us to work with us. Developers who work with us do not doubt our authenticity because we have never given them any reason to.

Whether SendDroid is a one man show or of 100 employees - we’ll address it to whom we find deserving of that information.

Your needlessly aggressive nature of comments and name-calling behavior leaves us as a Company no choice but to distance ourselves from you in order to maintain a professional environment. We apologize if this seems harsh or excessive to you.

Thank you

You are caught with a lie and glows are off? :slight_smile:
If you provided some proof to your claim and said what you said, it would have carried some weight.
BTW someone else started this thread. So there are doubts about your operation from multiple people.