senddroid payment

hello to everyone
certainly, not complain my intention, just I want to get help
senddroid makes regular payments , I know
but recently it was almost a month
I didnt receive Payment


I didnt receive Payment of September.
I only received an email from US BANK (26 sept) .In this email the told me:
At the request of our customer, Senddroid LLC, we are providing you notification that a wire transfer
in the amount of $1835.77 has been processed by Senddroid LLC and will post to your account on
September 26, 2013. If you have any questions regarding this transaction, please contact Senddroid LLC.

I wrote emails to sendDroid but I didnt receive this payment yet

I know my english is poor
I apologize for that

I would like to thank them
they wrote to me immediately
senddroid offical rep