SendDroid eCPM

recently avg eCPM for notifications:
LeadBolt = ~1,2$
AirPush = ~2,1$

how is it with SendDroid?

hmm… question should be to other devs using senddroid… ad networks / official reps / fake forumers have tendency to give overly exaggerated (read: bullshit) ecpms…

yeah, right :slight_smile:

title updated

Im curious about SendDroid

With my worlwide traffic i can only say my eCPM in AirPush is $2.7

I think you’ll find that SendDroid has not had any fake forumers at all.

The reality is that we can have a lot of interns come out here and sing praises all day long about how great SendDroid is and how great their eCPM & Fill Rate has been - not to mention the tremendous support and updates etc. However, there will be real developers here who use SendDroid and they will post whats real. And we want just that.

As far as the eCPM goes, I cannot tell you what your eCPM will be and you can ask guys over here and some will say their eCPM is $0.80 and others will say its $5.90. I have said it before, I’ll say it again, it doesn’t make any sense to say ‘hey you’ll get $4 eCPM off the bat’…because thats untrue.

What I can say with certainty is that you CAN get eCPM as low as under $1 and even as high as $7…it will depend on your traffic source and the engagement of users…thats as honest as I can get. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the honesty!

You seem to be a good person. But to be honest, what is holding me back from trying Senddroid is that it feels like an Airpush clone. Even some of the texts in your FAQ are a copy / paste with slight modifications. Oh, and the statistics have the same columns. What’s exactly your relationship with Airpush ?

Thank you. It is not everyday that I hear I’m a good person. :slight_smile:

As far as SendDroid’s relationship with AirPush is concerned, we are very friendly competitors since we’re in the same business.

We have no affiliation or partnership with AirPush. I just wanted to make that clear.

You pointed out that we appear very similar, it is something that I want to check out for myself and see what you’re seeing.

Thanks for your feedback bud. :slight_smile:

I’m using SendDroid in-app alerts, and have got $5.28 eCPM so far this month.

With over 100K impressions the fill rate is 87%. Since only 25% of my users are from the United States, I think these figures are quite good. Certainly they compare favourably with traditional ad networks. I’m not using any other in-app alerts at this stage, so can’t say how it compares with LeadBolt’s new offering for instance. But the actual eCPM has been pretty stable for me, which is a good sign.

David, are You using only AppWalls in one app or You put notifications and other ad format?
Same question for in-app alerts.

SendDroid i have one App in Portuguese, with mostly brazil traffic.

Do you have any campaigns for that country? AirPush and LeadBolt dont. Tried both with no success.

I’m using SendDroid Alert Dialog ads mainly. I also have notification ads switched on for users inactive for more then 10 days (which will only just be starting to come through, as this is a new app). I’m not sure whether it’s possible to segment reports by ad type - @SendDroid is this possible?

The AppWalls (or full-screen ads in general - including Alert Dialog ads) are my primary source of revenue, I’m not focusing on notification ads at present, but they are enabled in my app as the SDK includes this functionality. On LeadBolt & Airpush I’ve disabled them, on SendDroid turned the “inactive” period up to 10 days (which should exclude nearly everyone from seeing ads).

Hey David

At the moment its not possible.

However, we’re working on our UI redesign and once its set and live, you’ll have reports segmented by each ad unit.

Btw, we will be adding more ad units as well.


Thanks for your inquiry.

At the moment we do not have overwhelming demand in Brazil.

I’ll have a word with my Ad Ops and update you on whether or not its suitable for you to join us.