Selling game music within game - how?

What would be the best way to sell game soundtrack within the game? Can I sell music through Amazon on Google Play or is it not allowed? I can’t upload to Google Play Music beacuse my country doesn’t have Google Play Music yet (I haven’t really checked Amazon yet).

Anyone tried doing something like that yet? Some people really like my soundtracks so I think maybe a few people would be willing to buy a download.

Or maybe I could just use IAP to allow users downloading the music (but that would mean 30% commision to Google)?

Can you place your music for publishing on iTunes - or you think not be enough apple users using android (for that matter people who pay for anything - that type of user is more prevalent on Android than iOS).

Google DOES allow apps to sell other real-world products - like booking for travel etc. I think anything that doesn’t qualify as an app could be sold probably (but is music on the allowed list if Google Music is wanting a slice of that market ?).

If selling other products is allowed, one would think pointing users to an Amazon URL should be ok - esp. if including Amazon links to sell other stuff is seemingly accepted. Amazon shopng app is allowed on Google Play (though Amazon App Store app is not - though now the main Amazon shopping app DOES seem to allow downloading of app etc. … !?).

Thanks. I forgot about iTunes - that would be an option at least for the iPad version. I will have to read the Policy a few times to make sure what is allowed with this. For Android a simple IAP may be the easiest, I would have to pay at least 30% commision anyway in music stores. Or maybe I could just show the download links for people who bought IAP items for more than a certain value.

Or IAP to unlock “feature” - which basically allows them to save the soundtrack to some directory on their SD card - or to “Share” it i.e. E-mail it to themselves or others (if you want that type of distribution).