Selling apps on google play from an unsupported country

Hello everyone!
How can someone sell paid apps on play store if his country is not supported for selling apps?.Many people are doing this but i dont know how they do it.
Is having a US bank account enough??

Not necessarily a US bank account, any bank account created in a country supported by Google Wallet will do.
There’s this list that shows all the countries supported for a merchant account, but I just couldn’t find it now.

Try talking to your local bank that has a presence in one of those countries supported by Google Wallet, some of them allows you to open foreign bank account locally.

I already have a US bank account.

If you use US bank account you must set your country to US. When they want you to verify hourself then what do you do??? You dont live in us…

I will change my wallet account home address to US address.When they want to verify my bank i will just check my account’s online statement.

  1. you cant change wallet country, you have to make account

  2. i didnt meant bank account verification. In some time in future you have to verify your idendity: passport + utility bill with us addres with your name on it.