[Sell] Revolution Tool to autotranslate app descriptions in Google Play (LIMITED)

No more clicking, copying and pasting descriptions of your apps, console<>translator.
Google deleted translator in 2012 and put his paid translations for $150 each app!
Developers tried to use translator but that was painfull and waste of time. Translate app manualy = 30 minutes usualy.

I made a tool in Java what is making translation in …30 seconds.

You need just provide your package name and one language description (for example english). Click Translate and works! App translated.
NO google play password required! You need add only permission in console for java app.

TRANSLATED DESCRIPTIONS = 60% more downloads
Price: $99
Translations: unlimited descriptions, apps and accounts
How to buy it: contact me via skype:lukasz.macczak
Payment method: skrill or western union, paypal

What you get:
-app to translate in jar
-tutorial how to set up app for each google account and app, set up = 10-15 seconds
-source code, eclipse project

Translator is limited in this price for only 10 people


After limit over, price will be $250 and also limited to 10 people

[b]App in $99 price, one sold, state: 1/10


What happened to you? . did you get banned?. you had goal to earn $50000 a day. And now you are selling accounts and software(revolution) made in java.

Its not your business man. Selling working tool and if somebody need it, will buy it.

ok how much do you earn now.

$600/day ;/ life isn’t pink :stuck_out_tongue: $50k/day was fail^^

yeah you need a team and 60 accounts to achieve that.

Sold $99 copies 2/10
Offer is limited

The answer is google play developer API

my skype: mmmkkksss.mmmkkksss2

hey ramizxp, u able to put translation for languages like African, Arabic using this tool?

but… if you make 600$/day why do you wanna sell something that will make you earn 1000$ ? You can just wait one day and a half for that money …

it translates to all languages from bing.com or whetever another language translation with API… It just doesn’t give 60% more users, so it will not earn 1k for you;)

I also used this method to translate my apps… (I created by my own)

hahaha! 600$ a day! :smiley: The guy who made prank apps and not one quality app. So how do you make 600$ a day now, without prank apps?? Maybe 6$ a day, that’s much more realistic.

Yes, its possible

Didn’t Dong Nguyen , the creator of flappy bird make $50k plus with one account ALONE???

Paypal again possible


SOLD: 7/10

Offer limited, only 3 copies yet[/b]

In $99 price, sold 8/10

Only 2 copies avaible, strongly limited


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