[SELL] Best Third Person Shooter source code with missions, controllable vehicles etc

Selling the Best Third Person Shooter, a game easily worth thousands of dollars for just 99 dollars!! With a shop system, immersive gameplay and possibility to add in app ads and rewarded videos, this is a goldmine.


  • More than 25 missions
  • Controllable tanks, cars and helicopters!
  • Multiple weapons
  • Explosives
  • Visually stunning graphics, character and vehicle models
  • Achievements
  • A shop with awesome ingame features like GodMode, Golden Gun and a Jetpack!!
  • Lots and lots of explosions!

The code is in unity, so its easy to reskin.

Am doing a flash sale of most of my source codes, and will be posting more. Each asset will be sold to 5 people only, so lets go!

PM me for apk or sampleā€¦

1 copy sold :slight_smile: 4 remaining

PM me for apk

This is adnetworks not the forsale page. fot his reaso I am not interested in buying since you posted in the wrong section of the website which means you do not follow instructions which means your code is shit.

Pm me your link or apk

2 copies sold :smiley:

Am sorry if i offended you, but you cannot generalize my work from a mistake, whether intentional or not.

Offer: price is down to $50!! Hurry before it runs out