[Sell]Beautifull - Cash Reward Application - unique and limited offer

Hi, I want to sell unique cash reward application. This kind application (WELL PROMOTED!) can give you some $100-$500/day with 1k-5k DAU! (Well promoted to be sure)


Application have:
-ad networks call backs server-to-server-to-app, networks:
Ready to use callbacks: airpush, startapp, adxmi, adscend media, trialpay, supersonic, nativeX, unity videos, cpalead, super rewards, tapjoy, persona.ly, vungle, adcolony
In selling version integrated: airpush, startapp, adxmi, adscend media, cpalead, super rewards (documentation how to integrate more), server have callbacks to them so there is no problem to have new network in 15 minutes :wink:
-reward is done by mailto you
-points for rating
-invitation friend system, affiliate codes
-google sign in (newest API)
-flurry analytics
-onesignal notifications
-ui, modern material design with zoom animations(head images), transistions, cardViews
-you can set up how much points you will give user for each $1 earned for you
-fragment+cardview system can give you unlimited possibility to modificate this app as you want
-server side (php files) but it haven’t admin panel, you need operate on phpmyadmin (instructions in docs), all buyers will receive admin panel on next update

Please note:
-you will receive version without images, you need to put your own, reskin is required and people forget about it, so I cut my images from it:
header images, icons
-you will get documentation how to install it, what to change in it and where
-support first 24h after sell it

-Android Studio
-API 24
-newest google libraries

How to buy it?
Email to [email protected]

APK demo
Email to us

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Only 3 places left!
3rd - $250
4th - $350
5th - $500

Hurry up, there will be no discount for 4th and 5th

Still you can buy :wink:
Project contains:
-client app
-support with reskin

Still you can buy :wink:

In this project you can find:
-client app
-support with reskin 24h after buy


Weekend offer (ofcourse with consultation with current buyers, they got discounts).

BUMP - 2 days of promotion left