SELL ANDROID APP 26.000 Total Installs, 2500 - 5000 Downloads p/mo, Admob Advertising

This app has already generated 4000$ for the first 3 month after this app published, now this app has no ads because i got some issue with my account (i forgot my password). I want to sell it because i have my own clothing business and have no time to check or maintenance this app.

i will help you to transfer this app to your account and change all ad unit id with yours.


What is included in the sale?

  • I’ll put your admob id.
  • I’m transferring the application to your Android.
  • I’ll send the source code.
  • I’ll send you all the files and images of the application.
  • I’ll send you the build key.
  • I’ll send you all the application files.

What is required to keep the app operational?
The app is selfsuffecient and no needs maintenance

Why are you selling the app?
I am a designer and have my own clothing business, i dont have time to check my app and i want to focus on my business.

How does the app generate revenue?
Showing ads to user (Admob Banner & Interstitial)

What marketing initiatives have been used for the app?
We advertise on adwords about 350$ for the first 3 month after this app published.

How can the future owner improve the app?
You need to do little promotion to keep app active and traffic coming…Once you start getting traffic from the play store each traffic game is worth $20,000 each.You can sell and make good money or keep earning from adverts.

PRICE Without Source Code : 1499$
PRICE With Source Code : 1699$
PM me if you want to negotiate

App Link:

skype : aronkw2