Searching for Best Ad Network for Adult Apps.

I am searching for the best Ad Network for Adults Apps or non-nude Sexy Apps.

Thank you for any answer

StartApp can be used in any app.

Wrong, it seems :

When in an application store, other than Appstore (iOS) and Google Play (Android), the following apps and content are forbidden from using the StartApp products and services:

Sexually Explicit Material

I’m open to affiliates also…

Does it work ? Openning a web link inside the app ?

How do they pay ? Paypal ? Wire ?

Somebody was already paid ? I had a bad exprience with Air-push, so…

Go with Pollfish(Ref/sign up link) They pay via agreed payment method. Last month I received the payment via Paypal.

Incentivize your users for better conversion…

Example earnings this month.

BTW they don’t serve ads they serve surveys.

You can USe airpush bundle2, just select the “sexuality” category for your app when getting a new app id.

Air push closed my account.
They owe me 150 USD
And it seems that I am not alone with “Admin approval needed” when trying to log on.

Don’t trust them

Pollfish: Trying them just now.

Nice guys.

What an easy SDK !

But I will wait first payment to be happy.