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Hi Guys,

my Name is Matthias and I am the owner of a company that has been into android game development for the past 3 years. During this time, we have gained lots of experience in the user aquisition and monetization sector.
We have Apps with more than 10 Million downloads out there and now we want to help other publishers making their android game successful!

So if you have developed a high quality app (or are planning to release one in the future), but you don’t know how to make your app visible to the public - contact us!

If we decide to work together with you, we will take care of all the steps that are required in order to make your app successful - so there is absolutely no risk for you!
You do not have to invest a single dollar in your app promotion, as we will cover all the promotion costs for you!
Also, we will help you with the whole monetization part and you will receive honest feedback regarding possible improvements that could be done within your app.

As we are just starting our publishing service, our revenue share model will be extremely fair, so don’t hesitate to contact us as soon as possible!

If you think that we should start working together, just send me a PN and I will answer all your questions. Thank you!

Best regards,

Hi ,do you have an email or skype

Hi ankit,

please check your inbox for my skype nick.



I have a game that I believe is really good but don’t have the means to advertise it properly. How can I contact you? Perhaps skype?

Hi avradu,

please check your inbox for my skype nick.


@skeeter010, I sent you a PM, please check your inbox.

I’m also interested, please pm for skype.

Please PM your skype for me. Thanks

Hello Matthias,

Please give me you skype id.

Hi there,

PM me your Skype please, thank you.

I can also publish your apps and make it visible - we can discuss it on skype mmmkkksss.mmmkkksss2

What is the name of your company? Do we need to be registered like a LLC or something else?
Now i don’t have game on store, but we’re working on one and in soon we will need promotion.

PM me details. Thanks

Please Pm me all the details

Please post me details

PM for more details. Thanks.

I’m also interested, please pm

Sounds good,

PM details pls.

I PMed him with the few questions I had. He gave me his skype and no answers. I thought it was unprofessional, but I decided to ignore it. We added each other on skype and I asked a very general question “Could you give me some more detailed information about publishing Android applications with your company?”. No answer. Its all I need. I don’t want to have a publisher like this. I hope this message helps someone.

I am also interested, can you pm me your skype? Thanks!