SDKs that provide both in-app payment and advertising

I am looking for an SDK to integrate in my app that can provide some form of in-app payment (there are many possible sources of funds e.g. credit card) and some form of advertising (banners, videos, interstitials).
What would you use for this task?

we incentmobi is an ad network to monetize your app offering SDK to integrate. our payment methods include wire transfer and paypal.

personally, I think integrating SDK and putting some form of advertsing is a good way to monetize your app. and choosing a good ad network is the key to success. you can add my skype for more info: jewel.incentmobi

It would be great! :smiley:

why not add my skype and we can talk abou this in detail, hope I can help: jewel.incentmobi

Do you think Banking Card Recognition is good for you? It is developed by Yunmai Technology. It can be used to scan Bank Card and retrieve info from it. This SDK can be applied to any industries which deal with a lot of Banking Card entries.

The overall flow of the Samsung In-App Purchase payment process is as follows. When the user attempts to purchase an item within the application, the user is forwarded to the Samsung In-App Purchase payment page. Once the payment is completed, the user returns to the application screen. You can experience the entire process “risk free” by enabling the IAP Developer Mode when developing apps. Be sure to disable Developer Mode when you upload your APK for distribution so that actual payments from your customers can be completed.