SDK integration help?

Hello guys. I’m having trouble integrating a new ad network and was looking for a freelance developer to do it for me. My question is, how do I send him my code without him being able to copy it? If I only send the main files needed to integrate, will he still be able to do it?
Thanks in advance

You can delete every class which won’t be used to display ads and project will compile. For example If I planned game with menu and game screen I will only give him main menu and simple game screen. He will be able to implement banner or interstitals between screens. My character don’t have to be able to jump, die, etc.

It’s up to you what you can provide. You also can replace any graphics with colorful boxes.
Also you can write some deal with the developer that he won’t use your app.

In my opinion if you are mobile developer you shoould learn how to it by yourself. It’s not hard. Paste your code here or on stackoverflow and ppl will help you:)

Thanks alot for the help. I will definitely try and give it a go myself before I go that route. It just gets frustrating sometimes