Scoreloop from the get go?

I`m nearing the point of my first game release which is a time waster style game. It would be nice to have some form of online scoring for better longevity, but was wondering if it was worth adding something like Scoreloop right from the start which will increase the development time, or get something out and see if it flies and integrate the scores as an update.

What have been other people`s experiences?

Its cool. Pretty easy to integrate. I think it added value to my game. It depends on the game if it’s worth it.

Just add the default leaderboards for now IMO, it takes next to no time at all. If it takes off, take the time to make the leaderboards look like the rest of the app.

I would recommend just putting the game out there, and adding high scores later. Most apps don’t really take off very quickly, so if you’re not doing a huge marketing push I don’t think you’ll gain a lot by adding the extra high scores in the first release.

Plus, by integrating them into a future update, you set aside a “major feature” which will please users when their first update adds cool new stuff :slight_smile: And the advantage of getting your game out there ASAP is that you can integrate user feedback into your next update too.

Thanks for the advice. Thinking about it I think I’m going to go with the ‘get it out there first’ option. Cheers! :smiley: