School Bike Survey (chance to win 5$ amazon gift card)

Hey, I just wanted to ask some of you whether you would answer this survey for a school project that I need to do. it’s nothing sketchy and uses google forms and really needed to ask people who are interested in biking like me. Also, 1 random person who answers the survey will receive a 5$ amazon gift card by email.

Hello, is this still relevant?

I think that if you immediately put up the task, there would be many who want to help you just like that. This is, of course, a good chance to win an Amazon gift card. However, for the sake of $5, I don’t really want to mess around with it. In addition, a random person will receive these 5 dollars. The chances are not very great. Now is raffling off a $100 Amazon gift card. Of course, I am participating in this draw because $100 is a good amount, and you can buy well for this money. So if you threw off the task, I would try to help you.

ok as your question am gonna answer