Scared of using StartApp or Airpush because of the new Google Ad Policy

Notification ads and icons on the home screen are banned now. And there are some apps on google play that detect apps that use airpush. I am afraid that if I use either of these networks my app will get banned and/or I will lose users even though I wont add ask to add icons to their screen or use notification ads. I will only use banner and interstitial.

Did you have any problems with these networks? Are they now 100% compliant with Google Play Policies?

I use StartApp StartApp - Developer Register and have no problems. You can just use the banner ads if that is all you want, but they have more if you choose to use use more with a EULA that I believe is google play compliant.
I was using AirPush but have had too many issues it.
I also see better revenue with StartApp then I have experienced with other ad networks.

I dont know about startapp but Airpush is good and go and never causes any issue!

StartApp and AirPush both sdk having issues. My four accounts are terminated just because of StartApp and AirPush.

Why are you blaming StartApp when they don’t touch anything outside of the app?

startapp allows you to show the ad on pressing the home button. It is doing this by attaching the ad to another process (they state that by themself on their website)

This is !! clearly !! against ad policy, so if you ask me, startapp does not care about being policy compliant and it may happen, that your app will get banned just because you have startapp sdk in your apk. just to mention, before you wonder why your app gets banned …

The SDK allows you to do that… yes, but you can easily choose not to do it, and if you want to be sure, don’t add the SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW permission, which is optional.

Yes you can spare the “GET_TASKS” permission. But - this is my main critic - they do not tell you, that this part is against google ad policy. They do not mention the third parameter in the init function in their integration guide but instead put their “google compliant badge” on this page. So this is not exactly honest. Sure you can do it the right way - but how many devs are aware of the home button thing … you need to seach a bit to find out, that this thing actually does inject the ads into another process (which is faulty on gplay) - they should state this more clear

if not it is truely possible that startapp will get flagged sooner or later leading to banned apps and devs just because that small thing - no matter if startapp is good or not (i consider it not as bad, just saying) - it’s just the bit with the home button and saying they are complient without exception.