Samsung Testing Employees Have Mental Retardation

Ok it looks like a certain employee at Samsung has mental retardation. I never had issues before and they always approved all my live wallpapers until last night they denied 7 of my 14 published live wallpapers.

OK ready for the reason?

Reason of denial is because the app closes after going to task manager and closing out the app.

Well DUH ****ing retard that’s what task manager is on your phone for to go close out apps running in the background, so of course the live wallpaper will shut down if you force it to shut down using task manager.

This person has a real bad case of mental retardation and should be at home collecting social security checks instead of working at Samsung, First they killed the market by making the new galaxy apps market stupid and now they hiring monkey’s. They are giving themselves a death sentence.

Below is link to video of their test.

I think they mean when press back button, app not back to previous page and show the ads, it’s seam to violate their policy

No its closing out the app using task manager as shown in video, the ads are allowed, I have over 200 apps there with same ads airpush and mobvista

Probably u need some way to hide lwp from task manager. Needs research.

Well, so stacking ads are allowed in Samsung app store? This is something new to me. Anyway, could be what you need.

Maybe these guys are being hired as contract tester or part time. I give up on Samsung apps long time ago. Their app checking policy is super funny. Empty space between graphics also can be a reason for reject.

This could be what you need to avoid this retarded rule: Service | Android Developers