Samsung SDK for Live Wallpapers

Im making basic gif live wallpaper apps so what Samsung SDK should I use so my apps can get approved.

I don’t make much but on average I make like $10 per lwp I publish there so not too bad for a few minutes of work. An extra $10 per app for a few minutes of work is worth it for me.

Never used their SDK before was a 300 MB download and has like 50 jar files so not sure what one to use for a basic lwp app for approval process, they wont even let you submit an app at all without the SDK it gives you an error message saying SDK is needed.

IMHO, youu need some PPD network to make money from LWP else 80-90% user may only see the ads in settings screen only once their lifetime.

I launch my lwp’s with a main activity that displays a popup ad and some banners with a set lwp button to go to list of live wallpapers, I also place the ads on screen.

LWPS are quicker and easier to make I can make 20 LWPS in time it takes to make 1 App, I can blast 20 lwps up on every market and quickly get 10k downloads on them in first 24 hours and push a lot of impressions to them, plus the old ones continue to get downloads and impressions as well. I have had plenty of live wallpapers reach over a million downloads. I even have a LWP that only got 100 downloads on google but got over 2.5 million downloads after it got imported to mobogenie app market.

Mobvista and NotifyMob Ad networks perform the best and I get about $2.25 ecpm rate with mobvista and around $3.50 ecpm rates with notifyMob’s triple play ad unit.

hmmm… I can say that is absolutely not true that you can make 10k downloads in the first 24 hour with 20 live wallpapers… even with 100 you can’t reach that goal. Maybe with 400- 500. But considering that 90% of Gif live wallpapers sucks, you can reach 10k in first day maybe with 700- 800 live wallpaper apps…;D

You are choosing ad network in good way. Instead if PPD you have gone for push ads networks. Great thought there. I will probably provide first hand stats of my LWP after I get free from my day job which ends on 10th July. All the best @DroidGenie

Im talking about outside Markets, not google play, Outside markets have new apps section unlike google, so you get tons of views in first 24 hours.

which markets exactly you use?:slight_smile:

He already mentioned mobogenie.

I did some search, and find out that uploading service to mobogenie is no longer available. So basically, I want to ask how to export app to mobogenie?


Like Samsung they take 2-3 days to approve apps, No icon ads and no notification ads allowed, and ads cant cover more than a 3rd of the screen so full screen ads are out as well.

Thanks for the link. But it also means that only banner ads are allowed? How do you monetize app in mobogenie market?