Samsung removed oxygen saturation measurement from Health app!!!!

hose of you with Samsung devices know that if you want to make use of the heart rate or oxygen saturation sensors built into your device, you use the Samsung Health app.

I recently noticed that they had removed the oxygen saturation feature from the app entirely, and also are removing the “quick measure” feature as well. The quick measure feature lets you use a gesture to measure your heart rate without having the open Samsung Health app.

I was planning on using the oxygen saturation feature on my upcoming trip to Peru where altitude sickness is a concern. Apparently Samsung integrated the oxygen saturation measurement into a “Stress Management” feature, but it is region locked and only available in the US.

Here is a screenshot of the announcement inside Samsung Health:

Very annoyed that they would remove a feature like this for no reason. So far it looks like the only choice I have is to sideload an older version of the Samsung Health app and disable automatic updates.

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