Samsung Galaxy S3 arrived

It arrived just about a hour ago - very nice and amazon had used UPS for deliverey which was really fast (I am on an island so normally it takes over 2 weeks)

I’ve put up my first sights on the S3, so maybe you are interested in reading xD

Robo Miner runs pretty well xD

Nice ad placement.

Looks great - now I’m jealous, stuck with my old Galaxy S2 :wink:

Hope you enjoy the new phone. And remember if you get frustrated with Samsung’s build of Android, you could always load up CyanogenMod. The only thing you lose on the S2 is MHL High-Definition link (which used proprietary drivers).

Personally I find the S2 more beautiful - I am not a big fan of all that rounds curves and such things - I like geometrical shapes - I think Samsung is trying to hard to not look like an iPhone … but it’s not that bad, it is a nice device :slight_smile:

Yes, I think Samsung has gone out of their way to avoid copying anything from the iPhone this time. But I’m disappointed to see Apple is still trying to ban the Galaxy S3 in the US and Australia!

Let them - they dig their own grave (my opinion) - but they have also reason to do because they have to defend their copyrights; they will lose the rights if they don’t do. So it’s more the fault of “the system” :slight_smile:

The S3 comes with white earphones! white ones … xD That made the iPod popular xD

From your blog;

I’ve read from people which has broken it by opening the cover

lol, when I buy Samsung 2000mAh battery (which was shipped with a new back cover) I have tried to break my Galaxy S2’s original cover and I failed. how ppl do that? :smiley:

I just bought a new Samsung Galaxy S3 this morning :smiley: Looks good, much faster than my S2 and more responsive. But it feels huge. Makes my Galaxy S2 seem like an iPhone in comparison!

Now I can revert my S2 to stock (Gingerbread) ROM, and will have another device with a different API version for testing.

I had only a Galaxy Ace before, so that was a big difference also - but in the meanwhile I feel not bad about the size, it’s good to handle

How does CyanogenMod work on S3? Is it stable, anyone tried it already?

Wow awesome!! I played around with my friend’s S3 this weekend, it feels amazing!!

It is a little big for my taste though, as I’m on a Galaxy S Vibrant (S1) and I feel like it’s the perfect size. But aside form that, the S3 just blew me away… beautiful!! :slight_smile:

I had a Galaxy Ace before and also had some fear about the size … but overall you get used to it very fast.

I’ve got quite used to it by now. It’s pretty common to use a phone with two hands (even the iPhone), so this is probably how I most often use the Galaxy S3. But it’s still possible to use with one hand (if you have some balancing skills!).

I’m loving the screen for things like watching movies, playing games & reading books. Colors seem a little less vibrant than the Galaxy S2, but that’s probably a good thing as I think the S2 was a little over the top in contrast.

Yeah I’m sure you get used to it :slight_smile: It’s an amazing screen so nothing to complain about!

It is even possible for me to play Worm Puncher with 1 hand on the s3 xD

unfortunately, the screens are still not working in the sun, they should definitely work on that … maybe working with mirrors like a cats eye or something like that to mimik the natural light behaviour in the sun … … dont know :slight_smile:

I like the phones when it was launched last year it had all the features and latest android was there.
It was one of the best android phone at that time.

Good phone but now everyone has it. :wink: