Samsung Apps Suspended me for using Airpush SDK ??

Samsung Apps suspended my app which was #4 in top free list for push ads(there is a recent policy change of not allowing push ads)…

And what really su*ks is that I have never called a push Ad(not from my app and it is disabled from airpush dashboard too)…I have only used smartwall from airpush(that too only 1 in every 3rd App use)…
And believe me when I say,there is no use saying it to their customer care guys,.I have already send 3 tickets informing it…they replied with useless mails…

So basically they suspended me for using Airpush SDK…

I don’t know if a smartwall-alone sdk would help…can they detect push ads in sdks?
if yes,may be its time Airpush release smartwall-alone sdk,because the only choice i can take right now for my app on samsung apps is switching to Admob(crap,I really loved Airpush and their weekly).

Yeah, they can detect which sdk can send push notifications… So, for example Leadbolt devided their sdks, which has push notiications… SO it is time for all other Ad Companies to seperate their sdks… I have no idea why they dont do it. In addition to get suspended all antiviruses will detect the app as a virus…) so, maybe some official representatives here will answer why they dont do it?

I also had apps suspended. Of course they dont consider if you are sending notifications… they only look for the SDK. I republished using appbrain wall but I don’t know their performance yet…

Would you say that it’s worth the time to publish to Samsung?

Do these users have acces to Google Play? Doesn’t appbrain only pay per install from Google play?

Many ads (even admob) redirect to apps in google play… I am still waiting the review process and I let you know if the apps were denied…


I think Kevin was saying that you only get paid per install with AppBrain- If the user doesn’t have Google Play installed you wouldn’t make any money with AppBrain.

Yes Dan, That is exactly what I meant

I see. But is there any android wihtout google play installed? I bought two Samsung devices in US and both had Samsung Apps and Google Play.

Unfortunately there is a large number of devices without Google Play. All Kindle devices have only Amazon AppStore, many Chinese tablets and phones don’t have Google Play and use other stores, some old tablets also don’t have Google Play. All Samsung Android phones and tablets have both Samsung Apps and Google Play though.

You’re right… I forgot kindle and chinese phones… as I am concerned with samsung users, then I think appbrain is able to generate some bucks…

Yup in Samsungs case it’s entirely possible legit, because I didn’t think about the fact Sammy was a “2nd person” or “2nd tier”. But stores like Amazon will deny apps with AppBrain because they could be considered a “3rd tier” app store. Yet, they do allow ad networks like Admob. But, since developers get paid per click on banner units anyways, most probably don’t care :wink:

Hey All,

I wanted to let you guys know that we are releasing an in-app only SDK very shortly that will offer BOTH Smartwall and standard in-app ad units. This will also eliminate the Dr.Web issue that many of you have experienced. We will be releasing some really cool new features and SDKs this quarter so keep an eye out!


That’s great to hear…I’ve been waiting for Airpush to come out with a Smartwall SDK. Great to see you guys are listening to the developers and addressing their needs :slight_smile:

Time to move more traffic to Airpush if that’s the case :slight_smile:

Cheers…A release date would have been nice… :smiley:

Samsung didnt ban your apps for using Airpush…they banned because they are being very strict with advertisements, meaning any SDK that contains push or icon will be banned from their app store. So looks like only in app ad units are being allowed. I personally don’t have any apps on the samsung app store but I would be pretty bummed if mine got banned for using push/icon sdk. I guess they’re really trying to step up their image.

So can anyone sugget me an Ad-Wall/inter-initial sdk that will not get me suspended from samsung Apps…??

hi vitoralm
Can you share what happened to your app with appbrain in it?did they accept it?

Yes, they did.