Samsung Apps requires Samsung SDK

Hi all,

Samsung announced that new apps (submited after july 1) of Samsung store are required to use Samsung SDK. Samsung SDK supports development for resources of samsung devices. What do you think about it? Samsung apps wants to have apps for samsung devices only?

You can see discussion here:

And if you are Samsung partner you can upload standard android app like me.

[Seller Office] Notification for Partner registration
Dear Seller,

Thank you for using Samsung Apps Seller Office.

On July 1st 2014, Samsung Apps will only be accepting apps from Partners and apps with Samsung SDKs.
This is to inform you that you have been pre-defined as a ‘Partner’ of Samsung Apps based on your past app registration and partnership. You can register apps without any limitations where we look forward to your next app registration.
We thank you for your continued support for Samsung Apps. Customer Support team will be available to assist you with any questions or concerns. (Samsung Seller support)

Can we use Google Play Store app on Samsung devices after 1 July.

Speaking from experience, today being the 1st, yes you can.

Well, yes samsung have recently updated its application policy, So, from now Samsung apps is going to require the Samsung SDK for the app development ! From this I am getting a feel that this samsung is trying to show others that when it comes to the market they can control anything but I would say they can’t get … because still samsung store is far away from being … so, I don’t think they can create any major impact with … !!:confused: