Samsung Apps rejected my app

They did some tests, on primitive phones and on a CAMERA. Said they couldn’t control the volume with their ZOOM controls on the side.
Another complaint they said, they on their device they couldnt install because they only had 4mb of internal storage. I don’t see how that is my fault.

What should I do? Do I un-check certain resolutions?

I honestly wouldn’t sweat it. I tried complying with them and after a few months of back and forth “fixing”, I get maybe a download or two per day. A total waste of breath for me.

Thanks for the reply. I was going to try again but I’m sure there will be something else they will find that’s not perfect.

On the plus side you can use them for free testing. But they only allow 3 tries if I remember correctly.

Just deselect the camera phones when submitting your app. We are part of the (now defunct) program, and they always recommend to select only the high end devices (S2 - S5, Note etc.) when submitting, to shorten device test times.

The thing is they don’t really tell you the names of the devices, they just go by the resolutions. I decided to uncheck all of them and just keep 1080x1920 (FHD). I hope that’s their best device.

Those dudes are pretty hardcore. Turn down apps for minor things. Wasted less time with the Apple review process. I dont even try anymore.

resubmit the app as is and 95% of the time they approve it. I get apps all the time that don’t go through and I resubmit without fixing and it goes through a second time.

Look like Samsung has even higher standards than Apple. For those who managed to get their apps approved, this is actually good. More rejected apps means less competitors for them.

I just find them anoying. There was also a Samsung inhouse leak that they want to dump Android and make their own OS. No wonder.

Yes they do. Once you select the resolution, the device list is filtered and you can see the names of each device. You can also deselect some. See attachment, unfortunately you can only select the devices when you upload a binary. But I agree, their interface is dumb and confusing.

As for OS, they are behind Tizen, but I don’t see them abandoning Android.

For us, the market is OK, 25% of our players come from Samsung.

Screen Shot 2014-04-26 at 09.40.04.jpg

I have my game published both on App store and Samsung app.
And i have mentioned here before, Samsung good for your app/game testing.

Apple just have nearly 10 device with less resolution compare to Android, so Samsung will test on every device(they have 149 active) you check when submit you app.
Make sure you read all the specs of phone/tablet you check, and see it can work with. With me, Apple approve process faster and easier than Samsung.

Samsung testing people are clueless idiots… eg: WordHero is not on Samsung store, because it needs a network connection… well DUH!

That’s strange. As you know, our game also needs a network connection. We had no problem being accepted, but they did object because the game was not paused when going to background (game clock was still counting down). This is until we explained the gameplay to them. So same should apply to you, mind.

Yeah… I tried… repeatedly… nobody spoke English it seems…

@mind You make sure you select your game can work offline or require internet.
I have an app which info get from internet and they accept for the first time submit