Samsung AdHub ad network

Anyone has any experience with it ?

As my apps get decent download on their appstore, I am thinking about integrating their ad network.

Would be great if someone could share any experience using adhub.


No experience but would love to know. Samsung hasn’t been very popular on their app store side but their reach is massive. If they can get it right, they could dominate this space easily.

Has anyone tried it so far? I am also curious about Samsung Apps and AdHub. Thank you :slight_smile:

I am using them over Mopub mediation. They have very low eCMP (about 0.1). But fill rate is very good 60%, after Admob. I mean when Admob don’t has ad to show, in the same area AdHub has about 60% fill rate.

Which mediation platform do you use?

I am looking for simple mediation platform like adwhirl ( adwhirl is no longer active and trying to avoid admob mediation).