Same game on Google Play How?

Hi everbody.

i have a subject that i am really wondering.

I am seeing so many same game in play store.

like these

these are same billiards games but different developers. how can this be?

these are the same person but different accounts or what?

thanks in advance.

this are completly different games … why should this be strange ?
Do you think that there is only one pool ball game out there in whole play store ?

Those games are different! What is their similarity??


thanks for your answers.

BUt for me these are the same.

Because they have same logic.You can adjust the ball by hand and touching point is drawing a circle and gui is 99% same.

Just colors are different and some gui parts.

the point i wonder is “is the source code being sold in anywhere?”

thanks in advance.

Although I don’t know if these games are using the same code, I have seen it happen with other games. I think what happens is, an outsourced company is tasked with creating a game, however the contract for creating the game may not be exclusive. Or it may be exclusive for 1 year only. So after such time, the creators of the game can sell their code to another buyer. This buyer may change small parts of it and re-use it.

Another possibility is an employee steals the code and attempts to sell it to another company, without the buyer knowing that it is copyrighted.