Same game, multiple sellers.


Is this allowed on the play store?

1: I have a game I have made
2: I want to let other people sell my game on google play (for a one off price)
3: I create the .apk files and give them to other developers to release (signed with their own key)

Basically there will be multiple copies of the exact same game on google play but from different develops.

Is that allowed?

Thanks in advance!

in GP policy there is some point like “do not post repetitive content”. But in fact, Google doesn’t ban for it. So technically it is GP rules breaking, but practically it’s safe;)

do at least a rename and reskin. that’s how others doing it (it’s done pretty often)

you risk getting your AND all acc of the others banned.

People sell source codes for reskining, nobody is going to give you money for an apk that they can download for free.

you cannot upload an app with the same namespace twice. so either he is giving away sourcecode or it will just not work.

remember, how gplay links look like? …/id=<package-name>

There lies the problem, obviously the name would be changed but, its a full 3d racing game with 7 different levels. Re-skinning means swapping out models, changing tracks and rebalancing AI which takes an age.

What do you mean ‘an apk that they can download for free’? Where are they going to get an .apk of my game sighed and named to their gplay account for free?

The namespace would be changed for each build.

Thanks for the feedback!

Google your game after you upload it on Gplay and you can find sites with your apk for download.

And dudes can just resign your apk and inject their own ads. A practice that is done daily with all our games in China.

Smeggin hell! I didn’t even know that was possible. That’s depressing.

…everything is possible :slight_smile:

for your case, with reskin I mean primarely User Interface, Marketing Graphics, Title Screen and that stuff. Personally I would not support such things - but if a game(-base) is generic enough it should be ok. Just remember, that when releasing multiple similar games, the market does not get bigger, so the revenue gets just sliced more :slight_smile: