S4 air call gestures now in your android mobile with Answer

With “Answer In Air” (AIA) Wave twice to Answer or reject phone calls without touching the Mobile.
AIA provides different features.

  1. Answer or Reject Calls waving twice near the sensor.
  2. Answer call with loud speaker ON or OFF.
  3. Pocket/ Flip Case mode. In this mode you can Answer or Reject Calls by waving twice.
  4. At any time if you want to switch off capturing call in Main Menu.
  5. Waving twice to Answer or Reject calls. You can be free to wave twice else in single wave by mistake you can attend the call or reject.
  6. Most of us keep the device in pocket or now a day’s smart phone comes with default case covers. In single wave we face lot of problems. This is the reason Pocket mode is designed for you.
  7. Answer Calls. (Free Version)
  8. Answer Calls with Speaker On. (PAID Version)
  9. Reject Calls. (Free Version)
  10. Pocket Mode. (Free Version)
  11. Reject and Callback. (PAID Version)
    Note: Please download the Free version before purchasing the PAID Version.
    In case of issue please feel free to contact me. I will sure help you solving the issues related to AIA.
    Stay Tuned few more features are coming very soon….

Answer In Air android app Wave Twice to answer the call. - YouTube