RPG MAKER MV games for Android?

I don’t know if is there anyone who knows about this product before but I’ve just found about this simple game maker application recently. It was already out for 1 year and seem people are really happy about it.
The biggest thing is it supports Window, Android, iOS platforms so games made from RPG Maker MV can be easily moved to these platforms.
Here’s the main page: RPG Maker MV | RPG Maker | Make Your Own Video Games!

Hi. We do have a tool but as we have stated many times in the steam forums, due to the unfriendly nature of VXAce, it would require users to convert all their custom scripts and base scripts (if they modified it) rewritten to C#. It can’t be user friendly unless we rewrite RMVXAce. The tool was reserved for advanced commercial-inclined users and we built an RM that is focused on multiplatforming instead. That is MV.

The amount of money you have to spend in making it work for VXAce is way too much than just outright using MV.