Rotation - A free minimal puzzle game

Hello, Rotation is the first game I have ever released. I am trying to promote it in various places.

If you like fun puzzle games with minimal art then this is the game for you!

Here is the Google play description below -

Use the power of Rotation to reach the goal in this minimal puzzle game!


  • Minimal Art design!
  • Easy controls!
  • Many fun levels that will keep you engaged!
  • Multiple achievements!
  • Updated regularly with new levels and new achievements!!!
  • No annoying banner ads!

Here is the Google play link -

I am very open to suggestions for the game.
If you have ideas for levels, game mechanics or anything else please tell me!

If you would like to exchange HONEST reviews then follow these instructions -

1.Download my app (
2. Play it for a few minutes
3. Write your HONEST REVIEW for my game in the Google Play Store
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5. Give me the link for your app so that I can do the same.

I will download your app, play it for a minutes, write my HONEST review about your app, and I will keep you app on my phone for a few days so that the review won’t be deleted. We are a community, and we all should respect each others apps and hope for the best.

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Hey Jonathan watkins I just tried out your game and i must say it’s not a bad game, really like the minimalistic design and i hope it will become more popular in the near future:)
I just have a question, will you be adding any sounds to the game, it would really make it that much better to implement some.

I reviewed it with the name “Žiga Pustoslemšek” and would appreciate it if you could do the same for my game, but i won’t hold a grudge if you don’t haha :wink: