Rollit - new Android app

I have just published my first app on play store. Please review it:
Thank you

Hi, congrats for your app!

I reviewed your app under the name Pablo Serra. I gave you 5 stars and +1.
Can you review mine?

Google Play Link

Please, also Like my facebook page:

Great app and addictive, but I recommend you a smooth transition for the ball in each tap between up and down.
Also, if the user cancel the google plus login, dont continue asking for it, just let the user play without login.

Best Regards!

I reviewed 5-stared your app and G+ed. Would you review mine too please:

Grrrrr, another game that won’t install on my device. Any chance of emailing me the apk so I can install it? (it’s a google play problem)

Congratulations!!! Let me know if you need any ideas to monetize it :slight_smile:

Done as Justin Jackson, rate 5 star and g+. Please do the same.

Done 5 stars given :slight_smile: Please return the favor mate
Use keywords “drunk taxi driver” in your description :slight_smile: