Role of Ratings, G+ and Reviews in Android Market

Developed a great Android app ?? Now What ?? It’s getting your app found in mobile market?? This is a big question and challenge for every app developer and marketer…With over 600,00 + iOS apps and 450,000 on Android apps, the real challenge for developers is having their app surfaced higher than thousands of other competitors in the app store search results.
Many of us are aware of web marketing ie. SEO, but ASO can say SEO of Mobile is still very unexpected, as it is really very hard to find the criteria on which google show list of apps on Trending apps, top free apps, top paid apps. We all are just guessing and trying to find the correct way for ASO as Google and Apple aren’t keen on sharing their exact search volume data. So it is really very hard to take your app surfaced higher.
As mobile apps are becoming popular, it’s marketing is becoming more challenging and really difficult. Here, we will discuss on Role of Ratings, G+ and Reviews on App Marketing based on some real experience and analysis:

Ratings and Reviews:

Beside ASO tricks like forum, blog posting and marketing on social media networks like twitter, facebook, google plus, Pinterest etc., if your app has good ratings and reviews then it will certainly move your app up. Good ratings and reviews plays a vital role in ranking, as user install your app and rate or give review to your app, it will certainly increase your app popularity and in the end will improve your app ranking.
You must be thinking that how to get ratings and reviews for an app?? As they are dependent on installs, user can give ratings/reviews only if he/she installs the app.

Now, for this rest of the ASO part can help you out. You have to make effort initially to make your app viewable on app store. Following are some steps which can help you out initially as you release your app in the market:

  1. Write fresh content in description of the app with proper use of keywords.
  2. Select the title of the app which suits the app and pumps out with rich keywords.
  3. Make your app viral with the help of forums, blogs and social networking medium like facebook, twitter, googleplus, pinterest etc.

How to get your android app in Trending Apps Section in Android Market:

Trending apps means most popular apps which attracts user a lot. Now you must be thinking what is criteria of being in a trending apps…Most of us think that it depends on the number of installs but some case studies shows that it depends on G+. It has found that there are plenty of apps on the trending apps whose installs are average but they have a very high rate of G+. There must be other criteria for being on trending apps but having good count of g+ is really important.

So, to become a good Mobile marketer, you should keep all these points in mind. Apart from this you should develop good fresh app which users love to have in their mobile for long time. As good app can only make you run in a long race.