Right price for ad-removal payment?

How to determine the right price for ad-removal payment?

I read an article about first implementing Google Analytics, get the user engagement data, as in how many times the user opens your app, how much time he spends there, how many banners are shown to him/her and how long is an app in the user’s phone…Get the cold hard price and that’s it
Is all this worth it, though?

Forget that. In general, how much do users expect to reasonably pay to remove ads?
Assume that the user plans on spending a few months on the app. What’s the right price?

Thank you!

Just try it.
Do experiments with lower / higher prices and see what’s the best for your app.

That wouldn’t be very fair to the users.
Breaking it down:

I start off with a relatively high price: $4
Some users see a new option and grab it quickly. Only some, since the price is high. Then I find out it’s not enough and lower the price: $2 Now I get considerably more users opting for paying. What about the ones who already payed? I know it’s just $2, who cares? But I hardly think everyone shares the same views. They’ll start asking for refunds and the rating will drop down.

Second case.
I start off low at $0.50
A lot of users go for it. Some don’t. I realize even with so much traffic I’m not actually making as much money. So I bump it up $2.
Again, it’s just $1.50 but that really doesn’t matter.

Plus changing the price will leave different versions of my app showing different prices for the same thing. I don’t want to risk losing loyal users.

I’m thinking $2.00 for my app. I think it’s just right, but I’d sleep better knowing it actually is just right. I’m looking for a way to do that without collecting a month’s worth of Google Analytic data.

Where did you get that? You can change the price at anytime without changing or uploading any new version. You may be over thinking this, I’ve seen some advice given on official google video’s and developer distribution materials where Google encourages you to change the price and put your app “on sale”.

Wait up, we can change the price on the fly for all versions?
That, I didn’t know :open_mouth:

Oh and yes I’m all for putting on temporary discounts but I just want to put an option to remove ads.

Yeah you can change price on the fly, also change prices of IAP on the fly. Only thing you can’t do is switch from paid to free.

I think, you can switch from paid to free. But you can’t switch from free to paid.
I am not sure.

I would stick with $1 for ads removal.


$1 is not a unreasonable price. Probably much more users are willing to pay this amount without thinking too much.

And your part in revenue sharing ($0.70) still is equivalent to a lot of clicks in ads (which means thousands of gameplays.

Don’t be too greed. :slight_smile:

I guess you’re right. Most users are used to seeing $0.99
I actually just pushed out an update with a bit more aggressive advertising. I’ll see the user’s reaction and then consider if I even want to go through the trouble of implementing In app billing. Maybe they won’t even care. Plus, Something recently changed my mind, I’m not so sure it’s even worth it.
Just gotta wait and watch.

I saw a comment somewhere that said there was very little price difference between 1.99 and 0.99 as far as users were concerned.

I would test $1.99 and $0.99 …anything more than that is just too much for a simple “ad removal”

my remove ads is currently set to 0,99€, so something like 1,35 dollars.

However almost no sales, independent of the price :wink:

Maybe i should add some more aggressive ads.

Could you provide a link to your app?
I’m reconsidering adding this option or not, since most people say it doesn’t even sell that much.

I’m currently still experiencing with different prices / models.

At least i think it’s no disadvantage to have the feature, even if there are only low sales.

imho you should offer more than just a ad free for a paid version. You should add features or remove them in the free version.

yes would maybe be a good idea, till now i always had all features also available in free version.