Ridiculously low revenue on Admob

Im kind of new but my revenue has dropped since the end of 2015,
I made about 8-18 euro/day from november to the end of december. (Im dutch)
Now I only make 2 euro/day because of this drop, but my impressions are still the same

This is from the past week
AdMob Network requests
Matched requests
Match rate
Impression CTR
Impression RPM
Estimated earnings

Please help me

It started when I started using fullscreen ads, could that be it?

my revenue has dropped in january too . was 6$ , now 3$ per day

Wow, for me revenue has been great since January started.

You guys think admob is better for banners than any other networks??

Hello All,
It is my understanding that Jan-March are usually the months where developers see a decent drop in revenue. If you look back through the forums you can find some similar threads that were posted in Jan 2015. I believe this happens because companies have spent a majority of their ad campaign budget during the holiday months. For apps that have high traffic from tier 1 countries (US,UK,EU) there will not be a huge change in revenue.The apps that get most of their traffic from tier 2 and 3 countries will see more drastic decreases in their revenue because higher paying ad campaigns aren’t available in those countries. Things begin to return to normal during the 2nd quarter of the year and rpm’s should increase as the summer and holiday months arrive. But this seems to be the cycle that ad revenue follows so the best advice I would give to someone is to be patient and keep publishing as many apps as you can. This is just my opinion so if anyone has anything to add or correct me on feel free.


Admob for my iOS apps have been done. I’ve had someone from Admob reach out to me a few months ago to discuss some things and he said the big developers who spend big money advertising typically have their big push from black friday to the end of the year, January is going to be a low month following that. It just is the way it is.

The revenue has been drop, the ads is dead
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