Ride Command USB Syncing

I have a 2020 Ranger Northstar. Just plugged my Ipod Classic to USB port. Worked great after it took 15 min. to sync. Then every time I shut of the Ranger, it was another 15 min. sync. Ride command would not remember the Ipod. Is this normal?

No, this is not normal.

Chevy probably doesn’t read USB 3.0 drives but only 2.0. This is not the only car that does not read 3.0. I also had a car that was only compatible with USB 2.0. Well, what’s the problem with using USB 2.0? It wasn’t a problem for me at all. He was good enough to listen to quality music. It is very easy to synchronize both with the computer to insert all the desired music on USB and the car. It was worse when I lost all the music on my computer, and I didn’t have any new music to listen to in the car. But with the help of a hard drive data recovery company, I recovered it very easily, and I continued to listen to happy music in the car. So don’t hesitate to get a USB 2.0. It’s just as good.