Rewarded Video now available with AerServ!

Hi All,

I wanted to let you know that AerServ now supports Rewarded video, also known as Virtual Currency. With rewarded video everyone wins! Users will benefit from receiving their in game currency, Advertisers have the users undivided attention which results in high performance and typically higher CPMs and lastly publishers earn more revenue.

Why use Rewarded video/Virtual Currency?

- Keep your users engaged and happy: rewarded video improves user engagement as users will continue their in app experience using the currency they’ve earned.
- Non intrusive ads: Users get to choose when to engage with the video ads. Their experience is never interrupted or broken.
- Ability to monetize all users who don’t participate in IAP: It’s no surprise the majority of users won’t pay for in app purchases, with rewarded video you can now easily monetize your non paying user base.

Try rewarded video out TODAY! Sign up for an account here:

Email me or ping me if you have any questions

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who much I can get for each completed video? And how about the fill rate in Asia?

How about the rate in Europe…?

Anyone using aerserv???

Hi I am also curious just like you.
I search internet and it seems they are launched late last year. Aerserv emerges from stealth, looks to capitalize on the growing power of mobile video ads | VentureBeat | Mobile | by Richard Byrne Reilly

Since relatively new it is hard to give stats over short period of time
What they are promoting is more of server to server integration with many ad networks.
To us developers, in our apps we only drop their jar files and we can use their portal to disable or enable ad networks.
We no need to drop so many other ad network jar files in our libs folder.
Server to server integration is a pretty nice idea but I do not think they are the first I think.
Mobfox,Smaato,Adiquity,Appodeal a few others are doing that also.

What intrigue me is why in this forum only certain of those ad networks are frequently mentioned?
I guess they feel there is no need to have an official representative in this forum doing promotion for their ad network.
Or maybe this forum does not have enough developers visiting for them to invest resources to promote
or simply the ad network are promoting themselves with other ad network instead. That is to do server to server integration, you need to contact the other ad network to iron out details like revenue split, technical issues on integration, payment schedule etc. All such are done between ad networks instead of with us Android developers.

Just to say I prefer single jar file in my libs folder than lump all other ad network jars in my libs folder. I find this cleaner. And also the AndroidManifest.xml look cleaner too.

Tried them yesterday but it was too complicated or I don not have much enough time for it…

Hey guys!

If you’re interested in Rewarded Video in its simplest form- you should check out [b]Supersonic[/b]. Our lightweight SDK supports interstitials, offerwalls, AND Rewarded Video with FREE Video Ad Mediation- meaning your fill rate will be 100% no matter where. Supersonic’s Video Ad Mediation ensures you serve the highest paying ad to your users, so you make the most $$ out of every view! Read more about it here. Sign up [b]here[/b] or message me for a 50$ promotion to try us out :slight_smile:

I have already an account with supersonic last year I think… I’m adding you supersonic now…


Minimum payout and payment terms? tnx


All payments are in USD, and the minimum threshold for payment is USD 100 for PayPal payment method and USD 200 for Global bank transfer or debit card payment methods.
If the revenue that you have earned doesn’t meet this threshold, then the payment is deferred until the next possible pay period. We reserve the right to cancel accumulated revenue if it has not reached the threshold for six months.

??? Can you please elaborate this??

Our lightweight SDK supports interstitials, offerwalls, AND Rewarded Video with FREE Video Ad Mediation- meaning your fill rate will be 100% no matter where

Is this mediation automatic? I don’t see any docs how to use the video mediation

Minimum payout is 0.005 for Rewarded Video.

The payment terms are as following- you get paid every two weeks. The minimum payment is 200$. If on the first of the month, your revenue is lower than 200$, it will accumulate for the next payment, two weeks later. And so on and so forth.

IF Supersonic sees that there is no activity on the account for 6 months, and hence the account is not making a cent- after 6 months we can close the account. But if you’re making 10$ a month, even if it doesn’t accumulate to 200$ over 6 months- we will NOT close the account. It is only in the case that there is absolutely no money being made that we reserve the right to dismiss the account.

The mediation will be activated automatically for new sign ups on June 1st. Read more about it [b]here[/b]. If you would like to start using the mediation right now, all you have to do is ask! You can request it here.

Let me know if I can be of any more assistance! Glad to answer all your questions :slight_smile:

Hey Romel_emperado,

Sorry to hear you had a hard time setting up the mediation. What part was complicated? More than happy to walk you through the platform. If you want video you’d select our AerWall ad unit.

Please add me to skype so I can assist you

SkypeID - philiptse85


First the statement says if you make $10 a month your account is safe. Then the next statement says absolutely no money being made account will be dismissed.
So if say there is money made but it is LESS THAN $10 a month, will account be dismissed at your ad network discretion ?
I would assume if account is dismissed all revenue will not be returned even if it is a few cents or dollars.


No it will not. If you’re making money (anything from 5 cents to millions) Supersonic will not close your account. It is only in the case that NO MONEY is being made or accumulated over six months, that we can close the account at our discretion.