Rewarded offerwalls

Hi guys,

we are developing a game and due to google play’s limitiations we can not have a google merchant account, so the google play in app purchace that we would want to have in our game is out of the question. I wanted to ask you, what rewarded offerwall ad network have you tried and what is your experience from it. I had in mind “TapJoy” but i would love to hear from you what you have to say on the matter

Startapp the best

I am using tapjoy in couple of my apps, and I am fully satisfied with it. I actually don’t know about the others, but I would recommend tapjoy. The only bad thing is, maybe, that they have 250$ threshold.

@Korunt: I love the experience sharing, really helped :stuck_out_tongue:
@Javanshir: Yeah, pretty much i believe is a solid choise. I just was curious if someone had an experience with another Oferwall ad network. Thanks for your reply though!

Use Adcolony video ad

@metinogtem: do you have any expirience with this ad network? would like to hear some ecpm and/or fill rates if possible!

I am using adcolony and getting good results . Fill rate may problem dailiy shows 4 - 10 video ad per user but they giving interface for revard action complete . They are paying for completed video view and when user start to see video ad can’t skip . ecpm is about 7.3$ - 8.5$

how much does adcolony pay per unique user view? .73 to.85 cents i assume?

We use Airpush, and this far is good.
We plan on using AppNext because it seems they works nice.
And a lot of people also recommends Startapp though thats probably because the sharing bonus.