Revmob alternatives?

Right, In an effort to save my save hours of googling I’m gonna ask you export folk :slight_smile:

I plan on publishing my apps on as many stores as possible (currently they’re on Google Play only)
So far, I have only found revmob for ads since it supports many stores, but I have never personally used it and the feedback on these forums is mixed about it.

Do you know of any ad networks that:

  1. have interstitial ads (and hopefully video)
  2. pay well
    3.have support of many app stores such as Opera Mobile Store, 1Mobile, Getjar, Apptoide, Amazon, Appslib, Softsonic, Mobango, SlideMe, and F-Droid (revmob has only around 8-ish, so the more the better)
  3. Have Unity3D Integration (all my apps are in Unity3D )

Thanks in advance!

EDIT:Sorry if wrong section

Uhh, someone please correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought most if not all ad networks that show interstitials support other stores, including admob.

Well, currently I use Chartboost for interstitials, and it has an option for Amazon but that’s all - I couldn’t find any other information
EDIT: I googled a bit, and seems people are using admob with the “other” stores

Hi BestGamesstudios,

At Airpush, our GPlay compliant Bundle 1 SDK has our engaging 360 and standard ad banners, smart wall (which is a collection of various in app ad types like interstitials, video, overlay, dialog ads, and more), and pay per download (up to $0.04 per new USA user install and install and agreement opt in). You can use this SDK on Google Play and the other stores you listed without any issue. We also have a native unity plugin to make integration quick and easy - Unity3D plugin for Bundle SDK 1.0 -

Pm me to chat further.

Airpush Nick

Also - here is my list of 3rd party sites.

1Mobile Over 800,000 Android Apps & Games free Download |
Appslib* AppsLib
Amazon Appstore Amazon Developers
Anzhi ???
Appchina ?????????-???appchina???
Baidu ??? - ?? Games Center ??Android??? ??Android??? ???Android???
gFan ???-???
Hami Hami???
HiAPK ???-???Android???
Mumayi ???,???-???-???,???Android???Android???,???,???,???,???,???,???
N-Duo Market N?? - ??? | ???android???android???play store?android4.0?android5.0
PandaApp | Free Your Mobile Life!
Taobao App Market ÌÔ±¦Èí¼þÊг¡(Android°æ)
Tencent App Gem ???
AppCity Appcity Promo
AndroidPit App Center All Android apps from the Google Play Store ? AndroidPIT
Pdassi Android Apps and Games - pdassi
Naver Nstore N???
Olleh [???] ?? ??! 10? ??? !!!
SK T-Store T store

Yandex Yandex.Store is the app store for your Android phone
Camangi market
Indiroid Turkcell AppMarket
Appitalism Appitalism
Software Store (Sprint)
AdultAppMart Adult App Mart offers best porn on android, sex on android & porn app
AppBrain Top Android Apps and Games in the Android Market |
Apptoide Home | Aptoide - Android Apps Store
Getjar GetJar | Mobile - Appsolutely Everything - worlds biggest open appstore
LG Application Store ::: LG Smart World :::
MiKandi Adult App Store, Porn Apps, Sex Videos - MiKandi
Mobango Download Free Mobile Apps, Games & Videos:
Mobile9 Other Other - mobile9
Opera Mobile Store* Opera Mobile Store
Samsung App Store
SlideME* SlideME | Android Apps Market: Download Free & Paid Android Applications Mall The Android Mall that loves developers | Mall : Application Preview
MoboGenie Mobogenie DEVELOPER
mobile24 Free Ringtones, Games, Apps, Themes - Free Mobile Downloads -

Okay, so we have:


How do I tell which is best?

There is an entire section on this forum dedicated to advertising networks. Maybe you should post there and see if you get better responses.

MobileCorealso has interstitial video and can be used in any app stores.
Pays weekly too without any transaction fee.

1-Startapp has interstitial ads
2-Pays well really
3-Supports all of app markets. Even if you dont use any app market, you can use it.
4-Startapp has unity integration, very easy.

And my offer is that, there is a referral campaign up to 10k from one single referral. If you make good impressions daily, I offer you share this amount. This is my referral link StartApp - Developer Register

You can pm me!

Hello @bestgamesstudios, you can give a try to Pollfish ( Pollfish delivers surveys instead of ads through mobile apps and pays way more than classic ads. It works on different app stores and with Unity 3D! If you need more info just let me know I will be happy to help.

Most ad networks do support third party market, as long as the users device is having play store.

Keep away from revmob. They are cheaters…

I think this post will help you MyAppResources: App monetization: Top mobile ad networks and other ways to make money from apps

Why don;t you try Chartboost/playhaven are the well known ones?

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