[ReviewsMotion] Get free reviews for your apps

Today I want to introduce a new project called ReviewsMotion (http://reviewsmotion.com), which will become very useful for developers, marketing officers (ASO) and to any person who wants to make money with apps.

We all know that reviews are essential to raise positions in rankings of the main app stores, such as Google Play or iTunes, but it is still more important to do it with real reviews (not bot reviews, virtual machines…)

ReviewsMotion is a community where users can sign up for free, add their apps into the platform (iOS and Android), review other apps and start receiving reviews in the AppStore and Google Play.

Give a review – Receive a review, it’s just that simple

We hope you like this community! :slight_smile:


Any feedback? Do you like the community?

We have a promo code for the users of this forum, to have more app slots.

Use this coupon code:

This coupon code will work until 19 of July.

We hope you like the community!

Excellent service… It´s a great idea!!

I wish one of these services worked with the Amazon AppStore.

It is great to read that :slight_smile:

Thank you!

Hi scbundy.

At this moment Google Play (for Android) and App Store (for iOS) are supported on the community.

Try it and tell us what do you think about this community please! :slight_smile:

This is great, a bit slow at first but it helped me get back to 4.0+ after my competitor posted negative 1 star revs

Yes, this service works well.

Firstly, because other reviewers are developers like us. So they know what things to write in review related to app.
Secondly, the other person sending us a screenshot and vice-versa is very confirming.

They also have this option to review apps from PC using premium program. I did that and am reviewing others with long comments.
If most developers on this site use this service, it will a win-win situation for all.

It is great that you like the community! Thank you! :slight_smile:

The coupon code is not working.

Coupon worked for me (Got 4 slots instead of 2)

hi, The coupon code works perfect.

It gives you 2 extra slots to add apps (4 slots instead of 2).

This coupon code will work this week only.
Next week all the new users would not have any coupon codes.

You have a bug in your system!
I have 2 apps and 15 points to spend.Both of my apps are inactive… When I click active on one of them it says : No more slots ?!

I be tried and best

Tip: Native app is great.
If you invest much in this service, you can build native app for Android example.

I ask more question: review manual accept? Because user much upload screenshot.

Please contact us using the contact section on the website and tell us which is your username we will resolve your problem ASAP.

I hope you like it! :slight_smile:

Thank you for the tip! But we think that Android apps will be removed by Google from Play Store… They dont want those kind of apps :slight_smile:

On the other hand, in ReviewsMotion the reviews are checked by the users and if they see that something is wrong they report it an the administration checks it.

Yes, may be they will remove your app (Many still live). But it ugly with browser and you can host your Android app on your own server.

hi, pedroarnau

Thanks for a very nice service! However, i still didnt get how I can upload screenshots?
I can open Rate apps only on my android device. there I get an app proposed to download and rate (what I’ve already done a couple of times), but I cannot open a screen of the same apps on my PC to upload screenshots… How I can do it? (or it is possible to make a screenshot via my phone? a feature about which i’ve never heart :)))

Hi, thank you! :slight_smile:

I have not understood your problem.

If you are not a premium user, you must access the website using your android smartphone/tablet and rate apps using the android device (and upload screenshots using the android device). You can upload the screens using your computer, you must use your android device (if you are not a premium user).

If the problem is that you dont know how to make a screenshot with your phone, see on the net how you can make a screenshot using your device model number. All the Android devices can do a screenshot, and if not, there are lots of apps than can do it.

Tell us if you have any problem :slight_smile:

Make a anroid app for your website that easy to take screen shot and share. :slight_smile:

@pedroarnau I agree with this idea. You don’t need to publish on Google Play, just apk file is fine. Btw, is there any similar services like you outhere?