Reviews or installs ?


what is the best thing that can help rank and generate more revenue for an android app installs or reviews ?



hello @krimoon. You can find you answer in the following interactive infographic. Click on it to interact with the relevant question about installs Vs reviews

Thank you

It seems installs will do better

Hi both of them can drive rankingss there just needs to be a correct balance. But generally the more installs the higher the ranking but as time goes on you will need good reviews to keep on ranking. For example having 200k downloads with with an average of 4.5 star reviews will do better then an app with 1 million downloads with an average of 1 star reviews.

True to that, because people who see that the app is crap won’t really use and just uninstall it right away.

if uninstall rate >= install rate, your ranking will drop every day regardless of how many stars or reviews you have.

installs :o