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Talking Tom Hero Dash Review:
Can Talking Tom Dash Out of the Shadow of Subway Surfers?

Talking Tom Hero Dash is a brand new endless runner by the folks behind those strange games where you make a cat talk. While it’s not a perfect match on paper, Talking Tom Hero Dash is an excellent endless runner in its own right, even if it doesn’t take any real risks.

The basic formula is exactly the same as Subway Surfers. You run progressively fast through a series of streets, swiping up to jump over obstacles, left and right to change lanes, and down to slide underneath stuff. So far, so Subway Surfers.

There’s your typical boosts and coins to collect too. Boosts help you to collect more stuff and make your run temporarily safer, while coins let you purchase upgrades that let you earn a higher score on your subsequent runs.

the game is full and free