Reviews Exchange! I will give 5* rating, G+ and good comments!

I’ll try to check back at this thread everyday to return any of your favour!

Do try out the game!!! (≧▽≦)

Please do NOT rate my game 5* in exchange for same rating back any more.
I’ve just watched Google I/O 2012 video and they dislike ratings exchange :stuck_out_tongue:
So sorry guys… Please go ahead and review Fill Rush, but only with your honest opinions.

I rated your app (“Fun”,“Awesome game, fun to play”)

Please rate mine


I have rated your game,
With comment,

“Really nice & fun to play…”

Please do same for my game,


Rate 5*, +1 and comment (“Love it! Its really fun and easy to use. Very entertaining and cute I recommend”).

Please do the same for my app: Sexy Bikini HD Wallpaper


i’ve rate 5 stars, and review: i love this game
please do same for me:

my review: “Classic! Clean and straight forward fun!”

I’ve already reviewed Best Bottle Shooting in your other thread :wink:

“This app is incompatible with your device.” :frowning:
I’ve G+ it though.

my comments: “I like it. Will be using this for Valentines Day!”

Oh, what’s a pity. My app support Android 2.3+. Does it cause incompatible with your phone?


reviewed your game and rated 5 star. Please do so for mine:

I have no idea, my is Android 4.2+.

Hi sysbee, it’s done!
rated 5*, G+, and commented
“Like it! The puzzles are challenging in an addictive way! The satisfaction of beating them is great.”

ps: are you major in maths? nice puzzle game, but i find it pretty tough, I’m too dumb i guess :p.

this is my app
Rating and review for my app .i will do similar for your app

done. my comment is “Pretty! Thanks for the beautiful wallpapers!”
And here is my:

Rated 5
Commented good very challenging game
Please rate and comment mine

Hello, I just rated and g±, my app


Mine is Ngoc Tho

Done, rated 5* & g+
commented: “This Maths Game Rocks! I can only wish that my maths homework is as fun as this game.”

Rated 5 stars, g+1 and commented as follows:

“Nice game - Really enjoyed playing this game. Nice!”

Please kindly recip to this game: