[Reviews Exchange] [Free][Game] Traffic Racing Challenge


Sprints and avoid collisions.

You can buy and customize different cars. Also use nitro to increase your speed, repair the car while driving and equip a bumper reinforced to minimize damage.

Get the most points in each zone and unlock upgrades when challenges are completed.

The most used cars unlocked your custom special edition.



Quick Play.

Improve the characteristics of the cars handling, speed and endurance.

Change the color and wheels for a small price.

Equip different nitros and improve their overall performance.

Equip different bumpers and improve their overall performance.

Equip different repair kit and improve their overall performance.

Different levels and areas available.

More than 10 cars available.

driving over 100km with your favorite cars to unlock special edition.



challenge mode available

more than 20 challenges …

special levels are under construction. coming soon.

Note: The game may experience changes in these characteristics.

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