Reviews are still be crucial to get downloads

Being in app market more than 4 years I have tracking the situation that app developers really understand the importance of app visibility and do not ignore buying of the incent traffic as this factually boost traffic for their app and bring it to highest position so it becomes much more visible than previously. As result the Store users begin pay attention to your app and download it accordingly.

But the stats shows that 69% of users look at app reviews in order to understand whether your app’s worth their time and also the principle of “majority of audience” is launch via reviews. The more positive reviews your app will have - the more organic downloads your app will receive. Besides rating and reviews affect directly the ranking algorithm.

So in case you strive to increase your visibility by ordering app installs or convince your potential client to download your app ordering positive reviews and high rating - [b]MoPeak[/b] is a novice and approved provider of incent traffic which improve your app position and help to stand out the other similar app in Google Play.

If to say about incent traffic from the angle of reviews - yes, they are efficient tool to convince the user to try your app and as result you will have the organic installation.

KeenMobi recommends to focus at installs boosting at first as there is no sense to place reviews and ratings on apps which is not visible for wide auditory.

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