Was anyone successful in obtaining reviews anywhere?
I contacted a huge number of online blogs and magazines without getting ever any review at all. Once I even wrote the entire review by myself, it didn’t go through anyway.
Does anyone have some contact for getting published?

Thank you.

Have you ever tried review sites? Email as many review sites as possible. Like literally hundreds. have a try to see how wit works…

for iOS apps, is not bad…

You can google some platforms with “reviews” then email the top few pages of sites:)

I emailed many, maybe not hundreds.
Actually right after this message I checked and discovered that I got one single review on, written by myself.
I immediately checked the download statistics: increase from the review zero flat.
Unless there is a real advantage in Google Play app position, that I doubt, I start thinking that it’s useless unless you spend thousands for a payed review on a really important site…

You need to get reviews from sites which have traffic and good alexa rank. It’s a waste of time if the review site is new and has no traffic at all.

So how to get these reviews, godarm? Is there a way? Any success around here?

To get those reviews your app must be very unique and good and must be ranking in the top charts!
So my suggestion is don’t waste your time about getting these reviews on other sites and start getting more Ratings and Reviews on Play Store for your app. Ratings boost your rankings and will get you more downloads. You can ask your friends or add a popup in app asking users to rate the app or buy AdMob ads.


Is anyone pay for androidpit review??

They ask 200 euros for it!

I seriously doubt any review is worth 200 euros…

For the android app promotion you need to increase your app download, But
before that you need to have five start rating then only you app search result will be on the top
of the google play market.

So Increasing your rating + increasing your app download + social media (google plus or twitter)
you can achieve your app on the top of the market place.

And all these service you will get here in very small amount.
Check it out.


GMAIL : [email protected]


A lot of times you have to pay for reviews. I paid $2.99 (It’s now $4.99) for a review at which is now Although, the Alexa of the site isn’t that great, Claude does a phenomenal review. As mentioned in this thread,, he also provides a list of sites to submit to along with their popularity.