Review Swap!

Let’s help each other get more reviews on our apps!

I’ll review your app if you review mine. Honest reviews are great, I’m not asking anyone to be dishonest.

We can swap on either the free version of my app or the paid version ($0.99). Free-for-free or paid-for-paid ($0.99).

If you’re interested please PM me or reply to this thread.


Please review my app:

and provide me the playstore link of your app so that I can do the same. Thanks !!!

Please review my game:

And tell me what app you want me to review!

Great Idea! This is a great start up!!!

Anyone interested in rating exchange, please PM me. I can even give you 3-5 reviews, if you can do the same in return.
Here is my app:


if anyone is interested for a review swap, please send me a PM. I can do 5-8 reviews.

Thank you.

yaa , i am .
here is the app link:

Hey guys,

I’ve just released a new game - would you be interested in exchanging a review? Please PM me.


I am also interested in the app review, and to help each other a bit. :cool:

I am planning a new release with new updates for my app, with many improvements, but I guess there is always a good time for getting good reviews! :slight_smile:
Anyone who wants a review from me and wants to give a review back - please PM me - I will review back, even with comments :smiley:

Thank you!

@avradu1984, Fireball is the best game I ever played! Anyone else who is reading this, definitely go check it out. I have no clue how it’s still in the “5,000+ downloads” category. It’s pure genius.

Here is my app:

Just released my first app and would love a review:

If you do review, let me know your app and I shall download and review it.

When I view the link, it says this app is unavailable in my country (I’m in the US):

Hi pat. Will be released in the US shortly. Hopefully in a couple of days. Apologies for not mentioning that up front.

Should be available now!