Review swap with developers from India

I will soon publish the Indian version of my logo quiz game. I would like to swap up to five reviews with developers from India. And one G+ with each review. I have UK and Hungarian accounts. Also interested in Facebook and Twitter reposts/retweets.
Please PM me how many reviews you can do and if you want to do reposts/retweets.
I will publish the game under the following address:

The app is now released! Please PM me!

I recommend you get in touch (privately) with members that posted in to this topic: 1:1 game rating exchange and 1:1 submission to social tools exchange.


After three weeks it’s safe to say that my efforts didn’t pay out. Or that I learned something again. I pressed hard with my budget of GBP100 on Appbrain and on Facebook and they downloaded my app 150 times daily. But before I could get on the Top New Free list, my budget was depleted in four days (I blame Appbrain’s $25 daily minimum) and with 700 downloads without organic growth I didn’t have a chance to get onto the list. My downloads declined to 30 daily.

CPI was $0.20 for Appbrain and $0.40 for Facebook.

I have to add that for family reasons I didn’t have time to advertise on forums, etc. I barely had time for one update.
Now I don’t want to waste more money on this, but I plan to release regular updates to the app. I’m still open to swap reviews with developers from India. I hope I break even at least.

Lesson learned:

Next time I would start with Facebook and after some organic growth I would advertise on AppBrain. Or I would add another GBP50 to the budget, but with the low ECPM in India this doesn’t seem to be a good idea.