[Review & Rating Exchange] Wildy Jimi - 100% hand drawen app

Welcome to Wildy Jimi world! New character on AppStore, a game where everything is firstly drawn on paper sheets and then brought to life and Your phones.

Space is the first one in a series of games featuring a ball by the name of Wildy Jimi.
He embarks on his adventure on the Earth from where he will try to get back to his planet, Culia.

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Hi, did G+1, 5* and review form David N. “Love it! Great game, really like the sketchy feel it has, very original and well designed!!!”

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Hey wussup. I just 5-starred and G+ you. Title is “Great art style, smooth controls”.
This game really is slick. I really like the hand drawn style.
And nice work on the promo video, keep it up.

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Hey! I just reviewed and rated your app with 5* under the name “Chip Woodley”.

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Gave it a 5 star and G+.
Commented ‘Gets pretty intense later on, love the art style.’ under Tobias Fante.
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I rated yours 5* gave g+ and commented as miro straka
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Just rated your game with 5 stars, and g+ with user name Andrew Harris.*

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Hi Jimi.

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