Review, rating +1 exchange

I have just published my first app, please review it (g+ if you want) and i will do the same for your app/game.

if you want to add a negative review, please write it here.


anyone want to exchange, post below,i will rate

I gave your app 5 star, please do the same for my app:

i’ve rate and review:“i love this app” thank you

Done with comment" Great. Colourful! I like it! Pls rate my app:

Done with comment “Super cool” Please rate my:

Rated 5*, g+1 (Jakob Golobič)
Please rate mine as well:

done, rated, +1, review:“i love this game.very interesting”

done, rated,+1,review :“best game i played, thanks author”

Sorry, my device is 2.3.3 and your app is not incompatible with your device. :(. can you update version with 2.3.3. i will rated immediatly

OK, I will contact you when we support it.

Hi, I gave your app 5* and g+1, please do the same for my app:

comment(Just what I was looking for) 5* g+
here is mine