Review My Android Games...

Hello friends…

I m game developer… and want to share my games with you all… Hope you all will like my games and if you find some changes please kindly inform me… that would be great help for me to make my games better and efficient.

Here are some of games if you help me

I wonder what makers user to search for “Nail Doctor” game. Are your 83,199 ratings from users or purchased. If it is from genuine users, hats off to you. Can’t believe that nail based game has got so many downloads given the game was released on January 10, 2014 only:
Nail Doctor - Kids Games - Google Play Top Apps | App Annie

Is it possible to know the first release date of any app/game?
usually last update date is mentioned.

kindly share if it is possible.

you can check with appannie

yes search for text “Initial Release” on following url:
Nail Doctor - Kids Games - Google Play Top Apps | App Annie

this man is selling his game source code for 4000$ and for reskin another 6000$ … lol

You can’t review any before trying that game… you should appreciate the developer work that they had taken effort to do that…!!!

Good…There is nothing changes for your game…